Spray Dryers for Herbal Extract, Spray Drying Systems, Mumbai, India

Spray Dryers for Herbal Extract

Along with an herbal extraction production, Kerone is a major provider of spray dryers worldwide. Devices used in spray drying are called spray dryers. It takes a liquid stream and turns the solvent into a vapor and the solute, or suspension, into a solid. Typically, a drum or cyclone is used to capture the solid. Through the use of a nozzle, a hot vapor stream is created once the liquid input stream is sprayed into it. Making the droplets as tiny as possible with a nozzle will maximize heat transfer and the rate of water vaporization.

Spray dryers for herbal extract are specialized machines that are used to transform liquid herbal extracts into dry, easily-stored powder forms. The spray drying process involves spraying a liquid herbal extract into a hot gas stream, which causes the liquid to evaporate rapidly and leaves behind a dry powder.

Herbal extracts are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, and spray drying is a popular method for producing high-quality herbal extract powders. Spray dryers for herbal extract production are designed to meet the unique needs of each specific extract, and can be customized to achieve the desired particle size, moisture content, and other properties.

  • Construction of equipment to ensure high standards of sanitation;
  • Low temperature drying that preserves the attributes of the original fruits.
  • To ensure easy operation, the system is fully autonomous, small, and energy-efficient.
  • The plant's footprint is planned in accordance with the customer's land availability.
  • Complete sanitary design system.
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Effluent treatment
  • Flavoring
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Food coloring
  • Seasoning blends
  • Baby food
  • Nutraceutical
  • Cosmetics