Hot Air Dryers Stenter, Hot Air Stenter Machine, Industrial Dryers, Mumbai, India

Hot Air Dryer- Stenter

At KERONE, we design, manufacture, export verity of Hot Air Dryer, these Hot air dryer are manufactures in different shapes and sizes with diverse specifications depending upon the clients area of application. Every single Hot air dryer manufactured is comprises of superior quality raw materials sources from the dependable sources. We hold upper hand in customizing the hot air dryers based on the heat exchanger such as Condenser, Vent Condenser, Re-Boiler and Sub-cooler based on the suitability of Clients process need.

Based on client requirement and process need KERONE manufactures Hot Air dryers and Hot air Generators manufactured those can be fired by verity of fuels :

  1. Oil fired Hot Air Dryer
  2. Gas Fired Hot Air Dryer
  3. Solid Fired Hot Air Dryer

Hot Air Dryers finds its application in multiple industries for varied functional areas

  • Food Industry: Curing, Dairies, Confectionery, Fruits & Vegetable Canning, Dehydration, Pasteurizers, Vegetable Oil Refineries etc.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries: Dyes and Intermediates, Refineries, Lube oil plants, Oil Reclamation, Additives, Adhesives, Pesticides, Fertilizers etc.
  • Textiles: Stanters, Curing machines etc.
  • Hotels & Laundries, Kitchen
  • Rubber, Tyre Retreading, Paper & Board, Leather Industries, Plastic Industries
  • Cement Concrete/Mosaic Tiles Curing
  • Metal Pre-treatment, Timber Seasoning, Thermocole.