Microwave Heating Systems, Industrial Microwave Heating System, Mumbai, India


KERONE have been the leader in providing innovative and technically advanced solution to industries leaders, our expertise and devotion make preferable choice of customer. We have been innovating in the field of heating, drying and cooling technologies since last 48 years. We provide wide range of electromagnetic heating solutions that finds application in many industrial processes and plants. USP of kerone’s microwave based solutions are that it’s being designed dedicatedly to achieve the desired output only after studying the process requirement of client, the heating system always consist of high quality material, designed post all calculations are tested in our laboratory, provides high efficiency. Kerone offers the microwave heating solution of various shapes and types particularly designed for client’s process requirements. Microwave based heating systems are now very well-known and being appreciated by industry leaders for its advantages that it offers:

  • Lower Processing Time
  • Fast and Uniform Heating
  • Selective Heating/Drying
  • Direct Utilization of Large-Sized Feedstock’s
  • Better Production Quality
  • New Materials and Products
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Overall Cost Effectiveness/Savings
  • Improved Process Control
  • Ability to Operate from an Electrical Source
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Clean and No Emission of Any Gases or Residuals
  • Highly Controllable
  • Compact in Size
  • Economical Processing

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that cover spectrum of frequencies ranging 300 MHz to 300 GHz. Its properties are alike light waves, that they are being reflected by metallic objects, absorbed by dielectric materials, or transmitted from glass. The typical frequencies used in microwaves are 2450 MHz for general purpose (home) ovens and 915 MHz for industrial use. Absorption of microwave energy in the material involves primarily two mechanisms- ionic interaction and dipolar rotation, electromagnetic heating such as microwave (MW) and radiofrequency (RF) heating are used in many processes like reheating, precooking, baking, drying, pasteurization, disinfestation and sterilization in industries. Kerone offer microwave based heating solutions for various application and the design of equipment varies based on application. We cater to need of all type of needs such as:

Lab Scale :

Catering need of small scale, laboratory experiments and pilot plants Kerone design and built various type of small size, lower electromagnetic emission based heating system generating lower heating and power. These equipment are similar to home based microwave heating system with customised control in terms of energy and power control. Typical application of lab scale equipment are:

  • Carrying Out Lab Experiments
  • Small Scale Production System
  • Processing of Chemical
  • Preheating
  • High Temperature Processing
Industrial Batch Scale :

Heating and drying has been an enormously imperative procedure in almost all areas of industrial processing. Microwave Batch Oven is intended to have a suitable door for loading and unloading trays of the material to be pre-heated of dried. It’s build with an extensive mixed container of shapes and sizes as per the application. It's consolidated with both, basic operation and high solidness. Microwave cluster stoves are utilized to achieve the uniform warming all through. Batch Systems are used for a wide variety of applications in heating and drying applications. Starting from small lab scale microwave ovens up to big chamber ovens, many applications have been successfully installed. Typical application of batch type equipment are:

  • Tray Drying/Heating
  • Drum Heating/Drying
  • Rotary Drying/Heating
Industrial Continuous Scale :

Cost of time and labor are most critical aspect of the any industrial processing system, continuous microwave systems produce more product with lesser resource. For most of application continuous microwave demonstrate to be enriched as compare to other type of microwave heating system. Typical application of batch type equipment are:

  • Conveyerised Drying and Heating
  • Stylisation and Disinfestation
  • Curing Systems
  • Line Production and Processing Plant
  • Dehydrating Chemicals
  • Dairy Products
  • Food Products
Comparison Between Conventional and Microwave Based Heating :
Conventional Heating Microwave Heating
Conventional heating system have slow hating rate, heat is transferred via means of air. Microwave heating system is generates the heat very fast within material.
Instance heating does not takes place, it requires warm-up of surrounding. Heating of materials are due to molecule movements hence no chamber warm up time is required.
Transfers of energy occur from the wall, surface of vessel, to the mixture and eventually to reacting species. The core mixture is heated directly while surface (vessel wall) is source of loss of heat.
Produces carbon or toxic gases hence not much environmental friendly heating solutions. Environmental friendly and green heating solution, no carbon emission.
100% energy utilization is not possible, as material is heated by surrounding hot air. 100% energy utilization, as heating takes place within the material.
Poor floor utilization index as it require bigger chamber area for material to rotate. Better floor utilization index as it doesn't require chamber area.
Surrounding air temperature rises with rise in heater temperature. No Temperature loss in surrounding, ambient workplace.
In the conventional heating all the compound in mixture are heated equally. In microwave, specific component can be heated specifically.
By thermal or electric source heating take place. By electromagnetic wave heating take place.

Application of Microwave: