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Vertical Autoclave

KERONE is very much committed to provide the quality engineering solution to its clients; we are pioneer in designing and fabricating wide range of standard and customized models of vertical autoclaves for the day to day sterilization process in different laboratory applications. Sterilizers are intended to handle the disinfection prepare that aides in dispensing with/executing all manifestations of microbial life. This cleansing methodology can be accomplished through applying of fitting mix of chemicals, heat, high weight and filtration. The cleansing is accomplished by supplies and supplies through subjecting them to high weight soaked steam.

Vertical autoclaves are scientifically designed to meet various demands of scientist, individuals and specialized research applications. It also supplies economy model to various customers in India ranging from Defence Installation, Research Laboratories, Educational Institute, R&D Labs and big national as well as international companies. The vertical Autoclaves are double walled units. The outer wall is made up of thick PCRC sheet which are pre-treated with primer and rust proofing and are painted with either lasting stove enamel or elegant powder coating. Heavy gauge stainless steel of SS 304 grade constitutes the inner wall. The Vertical Autoclave are air insulated from inside. It can be incorporated with mineral glass wool insulation on customers' demand. Thick steel plate lined with stainless steel sheet of SS 304 grade with locking arrangement makes up the lid of the system. It ensures easy and smooth opening And closing operation of the autoclave. It is supplied with complete paraphernalia such as pressure gauge, pressure release valve and stainless steel basket as standard features. It is safely used in hospitals and research labs due to its double safety steam release valve. Also, all the features are duly tested to prevent any unfortunate incident.

  • Vertical Autoclave finds its application in sterilization of following processes.
  • Culture media
  • Instruments
  • Glassware
  • Plastics,
  • Pipette tips,
  • Biological waste,
  • Contaminated media tattooing
  • Veterinary science
  • Microbiology,
  • Medicine
  • And other laboratory items

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