Conventional Heating Dryer, Industrial Conveyor Dryers, Batch Dryers, Mumbai, India

Conventional Heating Dryer

At KERONE we are involved in manufacturing of conventional heating and drying system since 1976, which provide us experience of manufacturing vast variety of conventional drying solutions, the conventional dryers designed and built by KERONE is strictly as per the need and specification of clients process requirements. Dryers are designed only after studying each and every parameter of process requirement and the study is performed on the consequence analysis for each minute to minute details. We have established our name for timely delivery and high quality product.

The conventional dryers manufactured by KERONE of high quality. We manufacture various type of conventional dryer :

  1. Batch type
  2. Conveyorised type
  • With Uniform Temperature Zone
  • With Various temperature Zone
  • Can accommodate multiple types of conveyor mechanism.
General Feature:

Low and easy maintenance

  • Strong Steel construction
  • Speedy and Easy installation
  • Correctly designed and engineered
  • Hassle-free functioning
  • Longer service life
  • Strong construction
  • High durability