Tunnel Oven, Infrared Tunnel Oven, Tunnel Clam Shell Ovens, IR Oven, Mumbai, India

Tunnel Ovens

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world different range of tunnel ovens, entirely customized to fit for your process requirement, tunnel ovens at KERONE are designed with any type of conveyor system, at selected and controllable conveyor speed; even we can accommodate your existing conveyor systems in such a way that it becomes integral part of tunnel oven. Based on the your process requirement multiple heating zones can also be easily achieved, these heating zones can be controlled and refined from the digital control panel, any type specific type of heating technology such as convection, Infrared, Radio Frequency or Microwave can be used or hybrid configuration of heating technology can be fit into tunnel oven.

Tunnel oven can be designed with any type of firing mechanism such as electric, gas or Oil to achieve the operating temperature range from 120OC to 6500OC. Each oven is carefully custom designed by properly selecting heating and cooling technology, heating and cooling zones and size and speed of conveyor and accordingly the length of the oven is selected properly.

General Features
  • High quality metal is used for interior depending on maximum temperature rating.
  • High gauge exterior coverage to minimize the heat loses.
  • Welded structural steel, channel base gives an inflexible gathering effectively moved whenever.
  • Heavy obligation, all welded, structural steel slide bunk is underpinned by cross points welded to vertical structural parts to exchange burden to base
  • Side pivoted entryways gave along oven length to get to work space and heat chamber.
  • Adjustable dampers at each one end of heat zone can be situated close load to minimize heat misfortune from end o
  • Adjustable patented opposed louvers on full coverage supply and return ductwork.
  • Duct work removable for cleaning
  • Control Panel
  • Easy maintenance