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Fish Dryers (Fish Drying Systems)

Our company “Kerone” is an Individual based Company situated at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since 1976, our firm is engaged as the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Fish Drying Machines (Batch and Continuous). The offered range of products is highly preferred by clients in the market because of the quality and pricing. These products are offered by us at competitive prices.

We always aim to be the best by providing the uncompromising quality and trust in industry. Our primary mission of attaining growth through customer satisfaction is also accompanied by Continuous Improvement of products and services, Commitment to Society, Innovation, Development of our people, etc.

To maintain the privilege of being the leading brand in Incubators,Dryers,Solar Equipments,Lightning Protection and ensure further expansion holding firmly the principle of Quality and Trust.

Drying can keep fish's original nutrition, dried fish is a completely natural product that retains the protein, antioxidant and omega-3 fatty acids benefits of the fresh fish, which helps to reduce the occurrence of heart attacks and keeps the body's circulation functioning well. And fish dehydration inhibits microbial growth and slows enzymatic process which is responsible for fish spoilage, and dehydrating produces a concentrated form of fish. All these resulting in long-time storage and convenient transportation.

In fish drying processing, there are two drying forms including the traditional way and industrial way.

The traditional way of fish drying is sun drying, however, it's limited by weather, in adverse weather, and it takes a long time for drying. An outdoor environment maybe unclean, it will influence product price and demand in the market.

The modern method especially the hot air circulation dryer, which takes large importance in today's fish drying, is used in industries for its well-designed sealed circulation system and automatic temperature control function. Fish heat pump dryer use the ambient air heat transferred to the surface of the material, the surface is wetted and evaporated. Fully use natural medium heating to dry, to achieve “zero “pollution emissions, energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. The fish drying system basic on heat pump technology and it can control the temperature and moisture automatically, suitable for dried fish, dried shellfish, fish glue, dried squid, shark's fin, abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp and other fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae and other seafood drying.

The hot air drying superiorities are as follows:
  • Fast and efficient drying due to hot air circulation: the interior of fish can be directly dried with fast raising temperature. And high dried fish quality can be achieved.
  • Controllable drying: by hot air drying, you can regulate drying speed so as to keep different types of fishes in a suitable drying situation.
  • Machines adopting hot air drying technology are generally designed with small scale, medium scale and large scale, which is suitable on for different scales of drying business to meet customers' specific demands.
The fish heat pump dryer superiorities are as follows
  • The drying process fully meets the food security requirements
  • The chamber has clean and safe conditions, the finished product has good color and luster;
  • Automatic control, reducing manual and labor intensity;
  • No waste water/exhaust/waste residue in the drying process. The working environment is good and comfortable.
  • Long service life, low running cost and good economy
  • Automatic control of temperature and humidity; Temperature, humidity in drying process has small fluctuation, drying quality is stable and reliable

Dryers are devices used to dry fish under controlled environment. A variety of driers are used for drying fish, e.g. Cabinet drier, Kiln drier, Tunnel drier, Spray drier, Solar tent drier etc.