Blood bank Refrigerators, Bacteriological Incubator, Laboratory Oven Air Draft, Mumbai, India


KERONE holds its expertise and experience of 40year+ in designing and engineering products with high precision and quality commitment for the critical business needs. The Blood bank refrigerators manufactured at KERONE is fully customized depending upon the need of blood banks and hospitals based on their requirement are based and most suitable to store the Blood and its derivatives and various other products such as vaccines, primers, culture media etc. Since blood and its derivatives are vital in life saving hence its important to store it such a way that it must not lose its effectiveness, hence blood bank refrigerators maintain blood and plasma at temperatures ranging between 1 and 6 °C, so that they are regularly geared up for emergency scenarios. Blood bank refrigerators use rigorous safety procedures to avoid any kind of tampering. Some blood bank refrigerators are also designed with strong temperature controls and event alarms based on the need.

Our product reflects the quality standard we are committed to and deliver products which are known for their long service free life. They are used in various blood banks, hospitals and research institutes across India. Corrosion free metal components with advanced poly urethane insulation provide maximum thermal efficiency and durability. Standard as well as customized models of Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed to meet various special requirements of the customers across India and abroad.

Features: Cooling:

ISI marked high and CFC free compressor from Kirloskar and Tecumseh are used which meets the latest international standards and guidelines. The energy efficient cooling unit is installed in the mortuary chamber.

Temperature Range:

Blood Bank Refrigerators comes in various models with temperature ranging from 20°C to 40°C. The models can be modified to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Temperature Control:

Programmable, micro processor based temperature controller cum indicator controls the temperature inside the refrigerator.

Temperature sensitivity:

The temperature inside the seed germinator is controlled with a sensitivity of ± 10°c or better.

Audio-Visual Temperature Alarm:

Safety from temperature fluctuations is provided by an audio visual temperature alarm.


The Blood Bank Refrigerators are provided with door based illuminating system consisting of fluorescent lights.