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Soap Stock Drying Systems

We at KERONE are having 48+ years experience in designing and manufacturing various types of specialized industrial drying solution for the processing need of our clients. We are having immense experience in designing and manufacturing soap stock drying. KERONE is have a team of experts to help you with your need for soap stock equipment from our wide experience.

Soap stock is retrieved from alkaline neutralization of the crude soybean oil. Soap stock contains of water, soap, neutral oil, phosphatides and unsaponificable matter. Its composition depends on seed quality, oil extraction and refining conditions. Soap stock is the least valuable by-product from oil processing.

Drying is an exceptionally important processing step in soap manufacturing. The drying system used acts on the physical properties of the dried soap. Optimum final moisture content of the soap pellets (noodles), temperature, and physical characteristics are critical variables to get the best accomplished bar performance and fulfilling line productivity.

Other soap stocks aside from that soybean oil are also used to produce biodiesel, thus increasing the potential supply of this raw material is used as a mixture of hazelnut soap stock and waste sunflower oil to produce biodiesel.

There are two major soap processing systems based on not-extracted and extracted glycerine:

  • Not-extracted glycerine processes: Soap with Included Glycerine (SWING)
  • 1- Integrated saponification and drying
  • 2- Semi-boiled
  • Extracted glycerine processes: Soap After Glycerine Extraction (SAGE)
  • 1- Continuous saponification
  • 2- Full boiled

The soap stock production line starting from soap noodles includes: the mixing agitator, three-roller mill, vacuum plodder, soap stock stamping machine, chiller, conveyors, etc. It is an automated assembly line. Simple operation, high working efficiency, and fewer labours. Only the feeding and the soap-collection need manually operation.

  • Reduced Steam Consumption
  • Recirculation of Acidic Water to reduce the usage of Mineral Acid.
  • Longer Functional Life
  • Better Acid Oil Yield with Better Product
  • Very Less Acidic Fumes generated which are negligible.
  • Environmental Friendly when operated with care and proper norms.