Surface Heating system, Gas Infrared (IR) Heating System, Mumbai, India


Gas Infrared heat is well thought-out for the easy and economical method of heating or drying of the material under the process. Gas Infrared heaters uses the gas for firing of the infrared radiator which radiates the infrared electromagnetic waves, the infrared waves collides with the surface of the material which caused the surface of material to start getting warm hence its also know as Surface infrared heating system. As infrared heating system / surface infrared heating system radiates the waves from the surface and heats the surface the total process of heating becomes very fast and efficient, also environment friendly.


Infrared heating systems find most common application in

  • Curing of coatings
  • Plastic shrinking
  • Plastic heating prior to forming
  • Plastic welding
  • Glass & metal heat treating
  • Cooking
  • Warming suckling animals or captive animals in zoos or veterinary clinics