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IR Flash Cure (For Textile / Garment Printing)

The wide experience had made KERONE specialized in designing, manufacturing and export of various Infrared Flash cure dryer with different specifications. Infrared Flash cure dryers manufactured by KERONE is economical, robust, build to fit in the process and last of the long time. Infrared (IR) flash cure dryers (best suited for Textile, Garment Printing, screen printing) that is equipped with auto and manual switches. Designed and manufactured to meet the international quality standards, our range is commended for best performance and robustness. Control panel is provided to set and control the process

General Features:

  • Height adjustment for heating panel should be parallel to the pallet
  • Timer, controller
  • Remote start pulse
  • Cooling fans with high volume, pressure
  • Auto, manual switches
  • Control panel on battery
  • Caser wheels (brake wheels 2 No) nylon wheels
  • Distance between pallet to floor lever app. Height 35"
  • Height variation up to 250 mm from pallet
  • All wiring, ducks on the portable system would be nicely done