Sand Mould Curing Systems, Sand Mould Drying Conveyor Oven, Infrared Dryers, Mumbai, India

Sand mould curing / Drying conveyors ovens

Sand Mould curing is the process of drying/hardening the material that is placed inside the mould, to replicate the shape and size of the mould. Hence there is need of drying system that can harden or cure the sand inside quickly, at proper temperature efficiently. The process should be clean and produce the desired output, hence the selection of proper Drying system becomes important.

Infrared Conveyerised Oven are one of the best suited solution for sand Mould curing, Conveyerised Oven make the process of sand mould curing.

  • Continuous process due to conveyor
  • Heating is highly controllable
  • With IR heating system shape requirement is less
  • Easy maintenance.