Heat Pump Dryers, Heat Pump Drying System, Dehydrators Systems for Food, Mumbai, India

Heat Pump Dryers (Food Dehydrators)

Kerone offers heat pump dryers or dehydrators for various food and agriculture processes, heat pump dryers provide ability to improve total dehydrating process by contracting the moisture from the drying air. It recycles the recovered heat to the dryers for heating, hence the energy is utilised in better manner and not wasted, heat is reutilised in more substantial manner instead of wasting it in atmosphere in any other type of dyers. This results in drying of material at low temperature typically ranging from 60oF to 160oF (even upto 2000F for larger systems), low cost and also provides better results in humid conditions.

Heat pump dryers are becoming choice because it has improved energy delivery to consumption ratio, that is provide more energy than that of it has consumed. Heat pump dryer is environmentally friendly as the gases and fumes produced are not given off into the atmosphere at the drying site.

  • Improved product quality
  • Possibility of variable temperatures and humidity for drying
  • Energy recovery (improved efficiency)
  • Excellent control of drying conditions
  • Recovery of volatiles possible