Drum Heating Oven, Flameproof Drum Heating Systems, IR Heaters, Mumbai, India

Drum Heating Ovens

Drum Heating Oven are intended for heat- delicate chemicals, agrochemicals & drugs. These drum heating ovens are extraordinarily planned high temperature blowers that guarantee uniform air course and steady temperature inside the broiler. Drum spinning system is available to guarantee uniform heat appropriation with most extreme temperature upto 400°c. The heating zone length of drum heating ovens fluctuate from 3 meters to 6 meters, cinchs width from 4 meters to 9 meters and procedure time range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. We offer both gas-let go models & electrically heated models.

More organizations have requested from us 5+ huge drum heating ovens, which have general measurements to allow conveyance on board inside delivery holders, these ovens have uniquely composed wheels fitted to empower simple stacking and emptying of the ovens into the compartments anyplace on the planet. A few organizations have long ago requested three indistinguishable ovens and again came back to KERONE as a result of the demonstrated unwavering quality of these ovens far and wide.

We are specialized manufacturing and designing experts of various kinds of Drum Heating Oven or Heaters, since more than 48 years we have been helping our clients to answer their specialized need of drum heating oven. We design and built solution for various type of drum heaters.

  • Thermic Fluid Drum Heating Oven
  • Steam Drum Heating Oven
  • Electrical Drum Heating Oven
  • Electric Infrared Drum Heating Oven
  • Flameproof / Explosion Proof Drum Heating Oven