Thermic Fluid Hot Air Generators, Thermal Fluid HAG 20 Lacs Kcal/Hr, Mumbai, India

Steam / Thermal / Fluid

The process of manufacturing of expensive and high-grade products especially pharmaceutical and special chemical products, include a great deal of heating or cooling procedures of materials to maintain a specific and desirable temperature. Though they are not produced in very large quantities, to get the desirable temperature the materials have to undergo numerous heating and cooling systems. KERONE manufactures these systems catering to the need of the clients. The main component in these systems is the medium which transfers the heat between the components. These Hot Air Generators are distinguished based on the type of medium used:

  • Steam Heaters
  • Thermal Heaters
  • Fluid Heaters

Based on this segregation, KERONE manufactures heaters of various functions for various operations.

KERONE has established its name, among the leaders in manufacturing a wide range of Fluid /steam/ thermal Heaters which are all engineered and manufactured to fit the market demand both economically and technically with high quality raw material. Thermal efficiency is a critical performance indicator; we make sure same is achieved at best of its level. Our objective has always been to maximize the controlled heat delivery at minimum fuel consumption.