IR Curing Unit, Infrared Curing Unit, Industrial IR Curing Systems, Mumbai, India

Infrared (IR) Curing Unit

We at KERONE design manufacture and export across world various Infrared (IR) Curing Unit having customized specification to fit into your drying process requirement, Infrared (IR) Curing Unit are designed with the superior quality Infrared (IR) radiator with digital control electronics.

We provide Infrared (IR) Curing Unit that is designed in compliance with international quality standards. For safety purpose, our Infrared (IR) Curing Unit and conveyor speed is integrated with each other. The Teflon coated, antistatic (PTFE) belt of unit protect for rust and ensure longer service life.

General Features
  • Conveyor speed & UV system are integrated with each other for safety purpose.
  • Conveyor driven by AC motor with variable frequency drive for fine speed setting
  • Imported gear box
  • Teflon coated, antistatic (PTFE) Belt
  • Rubber lining rollers for belt