Overhead Conveyor Ovens, Portable IR Conveyor Oven, Infrared Tunnel Oven, Mumbai, India


KERONE is well equipped with the experience and expertise that help us to design various type of conveyorised oven using infrared for the source of heating, we design and manufacture economical and energy efficient oven that can be utilized with the overhead conveyor system hence know as overhead conveyor oven due wide utilization of infrared even known as infrared overhead conveyor oven.

An overhead conveyor oven is an effective solution for the processes where the product need to be conveyed to multiple stages, it reduces the total cost of halding of product.The oven can be made to support the conveyor track inside the heated chamber to help contain heat and fumes, or to have a slot on top to for part hangers to pass through.


Overhead Conveyor Ovens are used in a wide variety of applications such as :

  1. Drying
  2. Preheating
  3. powder coating pre-gel and cure,
  4. E-coat boost and cure.
  5. Composite Curing
  6. Heat Treating
  7. Finishing
  8. Epoxy, Resin & Cast Urethane Curing