Plastic Annealing Oven, Plastic Annealing Machine for Auto Components, Mumbai, India


Annealing is Process to heating plastic to particular temperature where it soften and becomes free flow, Placed in mold for taking shape, later slowly cooling down. Plastic annealing process helps in reducing the stress with in plastic and makes it more rugged, better finished product, suitable for the high strength applications

At KERONE we design, Manufacture, supply and install plastic annealing heating system that heats the plastic at specified rate till it achieves uniform Annealing temperature through entire surface of plastic material, once the annealing temperature is achieved plastic annealing heater maintains the annealing temperature for specified time duration based on the type of plastic under process, later cooling down the plastic at fixed to achieve to achieve the ambient temperature.

KERONE is expertise in manufacturing of various types of Plastic Annealing heaters

Batch Type Plastic Annealing Heater:

Batch Plastic annealing heaters are the most common for the annealing. It has door for opening and closing for the purpose of loading and unloading the racks and then heated at controlled rate of heat transfer. Batch plastics annealing heaters also comes in multi stack arrangement for loading multiple trays. The main limitation of these heaters is that they are non-continuous process and a longer annealing operation due to the restricted air flow.

Conveyorized Plastic Annealing heaters:

Conveyorized Plastic Annealing heaters is a continuous annealing process in which the plastic parts are placed on the conveyor belt that is moving inside long tube like oven structure which is having proper heating arrangement based on the client requirement. The annealing process with conveyorised plastic annealing heating arrangement becomes much faster than that of a batch oven. Additionally the continuous character of the technique is more suitable for the industrial implementation.

Infrared Plastic Annealing Heater:

Infrared plastic annealing heater is a continuous oven arrangement as name suggests it utilizes Infrared as source of heating. The plastic parts are heated by the energy transmitted by infrared radiation, hence the total process becomes faster.