Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus, Tablets Disintegration Test Apparatus, Mumbai, India


Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus designed and engineered by KERONE is of high precision and widely used by the quality control and R&D department in the pharmaceutical industry to carry out test of tablets and capsules in accordance with the USP standard. Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus comprises of 4 Main Parts.

  1. Water bath
  2. Variable Speed Motor
  3. Cylindrical Glass Vessel
  4. Transparent Cover At Top
  5. A round bottom glass jar is positioned within the batch having acrylic lid which allows a stirring shaft to pass through it. Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus has shaft which is suspended from the top and is activated by a motor, the variable speed electronics motor provides the desired speed, digital pre-set timer with alarm is the added feature of the equipment.

    The size, capacity and speed vary based on the design parameters of Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus which solely deepened on the client's requirement.