Umbrella IR Dryer, Infrared Cabinet Dryers, IR Dryers for Pharama, Mumbai, India


KERONE has always been the early answerer to the demand of the market need; the pharma industry was looking solution for their outdoor heating need, hence to need the requirement of clients we have introduced a new revolutionized outdoor heating solution, IR umbrella dryer. Umbrella Infrared dryer designed and manufactured at KERONE is one of its kinds for the open/ outdoor heating/ drying applications, the main advantage of the Umbrella type Infrared dryer is its Umbrella structure which enables the Infrared waves to direct on the material under the process. The Umbrella is designed with such material that it should not absorb the Infrared waves emitted by the Infrared emitter place under the Umbrella structure.

We offer accommodation with basic touch of ON/OFF. Infrared beam sensors identify umbrellas and enact dryer. We have outlined the IR umbrella dryer with galvanized steel and pivot for simple stacking. This clothesline has 12 lines and gives 165 feet of drying space. In the event that you don't wish to have it as an issue structure, you can overlap down this conservative galvanized steel garments shaft and store it until its next utilization.

General Features
  • Compact design
  • Very efficient in out-door application
  • Longer functional life
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Dense construction
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Precisely designed and engineered
  • Hassle-free functioning
  • Longer service life
  • Rugged construction
  • High durability
  • Vitality and Cost productive
  • Force sparing
  • Proficient execution