Band Dryers, Imperial and Band Dryers, Multi Stage Belt Dryers, Mumbai, India

Imperial and Band Dryers

At Kerone, we produce high quality band dryers which are belongs to family of continuous conventional heat transfer type dryer. Imperial and Band dryers consist of conveyor belts mounted one above the other like multi stacks. Multilayer helps in achieving long residence time, multi-pass units in limited floor space. Multiple modular sections with independent heating and air circulation system are used to created Band dryers. The commonly used continuous band dryer encompasses of single pass conveyor employing through air circulation.

Hot air is circulated from downward or upward or in a combination of both in order to improve equality in treatment. Band dryers are commonly fitted with the feeding, spreading, cleaning, heating and cooling sections. Band dryer designed and crafted by Kerone are suitable for any type of product like fragile, sticky, pasty products or products requiring long and accurate residence time.

Type of conveyor supported:
  • Continuous perforated belt
  • Hinged perforated plates
  • Wire mesh
  • Wire and struts belt
Industry Applications:
  • Energy saving due to gas recycling
  • Highly homogeneous treatment
  • Adjustment of temperature, gas velocity and direction in each section
  • Multiple processing in one single equipment
  • Versatility of processes and applications
  • Accurate adjustment of residence time
  • Possibility to add accessories for mechanical action on product
  • Easy zoning: The temperature, humidity and airflow speed can be easily set and controlled for each zone
  • Uniform Drying: The drying time can be easily attuned to achieve consistent heat progress, results in evenness of drying across product.
  • Clean Drying: Materials are dried with in the band dryer’s chamber with uniform moving speed this results in minimum damage and dust sprinkle.
  • Product suitability: Band dryer allows grinding and shaping of sludge or irregularly shaped materials.
  • Multi Staging: Band dryers can be made with single stage or multi stage with capability to handle both high volume or low volume.
  • Customisable: Imperial and band dryers can be made with different configurations such as heat source (Hot Air, Oil, electric etc.), humidity (humidifier, dehumidifier etc.) and air circulation (from top, down, vertical, horizontal etc.)