Reactors Systems, Chemical Reactors, Pharmaceutical Reactor, Mumbai, India


Reactors are vessels wherein a chemical reaction takes place in an industry or at any manufacturing plant. They vary in sizes, from a few cm3 to vast structures, depending on their operational application. The design of the reactor is determined by many factors but of particular importance are the thermodynamics and kinetics of the chemical reactions being carried out. Our products find application in the following industries, namely; Chemical, Oil & Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Radioactive, Water Treatment Industry among others.

We at KERONE are having 48+ years experience in designing and manufacturing various types of specialized industrial machines for the processing need of our clients. We are having immense experience in designing and manufacturing of reactors that can best fit for the various industrial processing requirements of the reactors. We design the reactors as per the size and process need of the client. The reactors manufactured by KERONE are made with high quality internal and external material by taking discreet efforts for the perfect size and uniform heat distribution.

Type of Reactors:
  • CSTR (Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor)
  • Batch reactor
  • Catalytic reactor
  • Semi-batch reactor
  • PFR (Plug Flow Reactor)
  • High performance
  • Highly controllable
  • Built with the high quality stainless steel material or special Alloys
  • Highly customizable.
  • Corrosion free
  • Tailor made to fit your requirements.
  • Variable mixer speed
  • Highly controllable
  • Very efficient
  • Fermentation of beverage products
  • Waste water treatment
  • Industrial processing
  • Gasoline production.
  • Oil cracking
  • Synthesis of ammonia from its elements.
  • Oxidation of sulfur dioxide to sulfur trioxide