Food Processing / Production Line, Food and Snack Processing Line, Mumbai, India

Food Processing / Production Line

Processing foods in the food industry is critical part of entire food production life cycle as it has to produce product with consistent quality, efficiency and maintain desired level of nutrition. Food processing machine design requires highly erudite team as generic approach to food processing cannot work as each process in different from other.

We at Kerone is having more than 48+ year of experience in providing expertise engineering solution that helps our clients to satisfy their need of future ready technological solution. We carefully craft various stages of process such as drying, baking, thawing, coating, blanching, pasteurisation, sterilisation, frying and etc.

We have experience in providing highly cost effective, superior and advanced processing machineries fully designed and built to fit into your process requirement. Till date we have designed plethora of process lines serving to some of the world’s renowned brands. Our team is proficient with all type of technical solutions such as