Metering Rod (Mayer Rod) Coating Systems, Mayor Rod Coater Machine, Mumbai, India

Metering Rod (Mayer Rod) Coating Systems

In Mayer rod coating process, an overabundance of the coating is saved onto the substrate as it disregards the shower roller. The wire-wound metering rod, at times known as a Meyer Rod, permits the coveted amount of the coating to stay on the substrate. The amount is controlled by the measurement of the wire utilized on the rod. This process is astoundingly tolerant of non-accuracy building of alternate segments of the coating machine.

It utilizes the utilization of a container nourished kiss applicator roll which exchanges an abundance measure of coating to the web took after by either a smooth metering rod or wire wound mayer bar (wire wound rod) to smooth or meter the coating. Coating weight varieties are made by either fluctuating the web strain over the smooth rod or by utilizing wire wound rods with shifting wire measurements, a bigger wire measurement giving a higher coating weight. Cover weights can likewise be controlled by shifting the point of wrap on the applicator roll and metering rod.

These sorts of coater rod coater are dominatingly utilized as a precoater or back wet coater for sheets on the grounds that the way of its operation permits it to give the board creator an amazingly smooth base on which to apply the optional or top coating.

A standout amongst the most prominent coating systems. The Mayer rod is a stainless steel rod that is wound hard with stainless steel wire of shifting breadth. The rod is utilized to doctor of the overabundance coating solution and control the coating weigh. The wet thickness in the wake of doctoring is controlled by the distance across of the wire used to wind the roll and is pretty nearly 0.1 times the wire measurement. Rods are accessible in a wide mixture of wire sizes to give a scope of coating weights. The table underneath gives the wire sizes that are accessible and the wet thickness that can be attained to. The dry thickness is dictated by the solids centralization of the coating solutions.

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