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Powder Transfer Systems

The PTS (Powder Transfer System) is an exceptionally effective and competent method of transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules. Its unique filtration concept with a flat membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system available.

The PTS uses both vacuum and pressure to move powders dispensing with the need for gravity charging, making multi floor processes a requirement of the past. The system is a significant enhancement to any process always speeding up production whilst improving safety and hygiene. Batch time can be substantially reduced and existing process steps can be linked to each other. Our products find application in the following industries, namely; Chemical, Food, Agro, Pharmaceutical, Sugar among others

We at KERONE are having 48+ years experience in designing and manufacturing various types of specialized industrial machines for the processing need of our clients. We are having immense experience in designing and manufacturing of PTS that can best fit for the various industrial processing requirements of the PTS. We design the PTS as per the size and process needs of the client. The PTS manufactured by KERONE are made with high quality internal and external material by taking discreet efforts for the perfect size and uniform powder dispensing.

Main Components of Powder Transfer System:
  • A vacuum conveying system utilizing Roots Blower, Modular construction equipment.
  • Jet Air Wand with Air regulating Damper.
  • Jet Air Wand fitted with stainless steel wire mesh to stop foreign particles entry in to process.
  • Entire transfer through electro polished pipe with curvilinear bends and isolating valves both manual & pneumatically actuated
  • Suitable filters pleated 5 micron in the product unloading chamber, pulse jet type for inside cleaning.
  • Inline milling
  • Sifting
  • Blending
  • Loading
  • Unloading