Coconut Coir Dryers, Coconut and Palm slag Rotary Dryer, Mumbai, India

Coconut Coir Dryers

At Kerone, we are having more than 45 years’ experience in helping various types of industries with designing, manufacturing and installation of various types of custom build industrial drying solution. We help the client in selection by understanding the prerequisite for quality, size, shape and moisture content of the ultimate dried product have to be taken into contemplation, as well as production setting, construction materials most common stainless steel, energy consumption pattern.

KERONE has developed the special drying machine for coconut coir, coconut fiber drying production line, can directly be connected with the coconut shell opening and sorting machine, Coconut bran sorting, desalinization, dehydration, drying, and the coconut fiber drying method can be finished within forty minutes. Pipeline operation, labor-saving, energy-saving and environmental protection, the coconut coir and fiber quality can be bound to the maximum extent, when high-temperature treatment, the coconut fiber and coir is more clean and environmental protection. This production line is the essential equipment of mechanization, scale and intensive production of coconut coir and fiber.

Features & Advantages:
  • Specific design and manufacture for silk fiber materials. Unique structure, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency.
  • Safe heat exchanging mode. The dried silk fibers keep the same color, strength, and flexibility.
  • Frequency conversion control & automatic temperature control. A flexible set of operating parameters based on the required drying effect.
  • Unique residue cleaning system. The wrapped residue in silk fiber is cleaned in the drying process
  • Modular design and manufacture, solid structure, easy installation, low maintenance costs, and long service life.
  • As a whole production line, the dryer can be used together with the palm fiber extraction machine and screening machine.