Microwave Heating for Minerals Process - Kerone, Mumbai, India

Microwave Heating for Minerals Processing

At Kerone, we offer microwave based solution for mineral processing industries as the minerals and extractive metallurgy industry consumes of energy and degrades the environment. Our microwave based processing systems provides significant benefits in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact by this industry. In mineral processing, the removal of values in an ore from the excess or gangue is an energy exhaustive and energy inefficient process. Microwave offers the advantages as the most of the energy waste in mineral processing at time of heat generation which was approx. 50-70% of total energy requirement (Walkiewicz et al., 1991). Microwave based processing of minerals and ores provide the benefits as the heat is generated from the within the ores and waste materials. These differentials induce tensile fractures in the material and as a consequence, substantially reduce the energy required in grinding to separate the values from the waste material.

Microwave offer following advantages:
  • Processing Time Is Reduced
  • Environmental Friendly Solution
  • Lesser Energy Consumption
  • No Overheating At Surface
  • Rapid Volumetric Heating.
  • Highly Energy Efficient System
  • Lesser Power Consumption
  • No Residual Production
Feature of our Microwave system provided by Kerone:
  • Working Life Is More Than Conventional Heating Systems
  • Quick And Easy Installation
  • Lesser Maintenance
  • Condensed Construction
  • Adjustable Conveyer Speed And Heating
  • Accurately Designed And Engineered
  • Hassle-Free Operational
  • Highly Durable
  • Energy And Cost Efficient
  • Consume Lesser Power
  • Efficient Performance
  • Fit To Pocket
Application of Microwave: