Microwave Heating for Wood, Vacuum Microwave Wood Dryer, Mumbai, India


Kerone microwave dryer is normally applied for wood second process before we make any woodcraft or wood furniture. When the wood is about 10 percent of water content, traditional drying method is barely dehydration from wood. However, microwave wood dryer could further dry off those wood to achieve the excellent drying result. In additional, microwave drying possess the sterilization and disinfestation function to assure longer wood reserving time and prevent moldy.

We at Kerone are having more than 44 year of experience in helping society with best possible technology of microwave heating for wood treatment. Microwave heating based systems designed and manufactured by us comply to international standards for safety and treatment. Kerone Microwave heating technology used for Drying, Foaming, Modifying, Upgrading, Pre-treatment, Adhesive curing, Wood Joinery, Wood bending, Moisture removal, gluing in wood industry.

Microwave pre-treatment is a technique to improve process efficiency and product performance of wood in the forest product industry. High-intensity microwave pre-treatment for wood modification originated from Australia at the end of last century, in which water in wood absorbed enough energy from the transient electromagnetic wave and turned into steam. High internal steam pressure destructed the weaker elements of wood and the micro voids in the radial-longitudinal planes of wood were created, which puffed wood into loose structure, increased wood permeability, and improved the drying process. Some studies reported that several properties of wood were improved after microwave pre-treatment.

Drying wood using microwave energy is not very common, but could be a complement to conventional air-circulation drying due to the possibility to dry wood faster than the conventional drying methods with preserved quality. Furthermore, this technique could be used to condition boards with too high moisture content gradient.

The use of microwaves for heating is well established in society, being used in domestic and some industrial processes. However, there is potential for this technology to be introduced and applied to many other industrial heating processes.

One of the Advantages of microwave heating is that a larger size piece of wood can be used. To complete the wood pyrolysis using microwaves required only 10 or 15 min.

Application of Microwave: