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Vertical Blenders

Mixing / blending the desired activity of many industrial processes such are chemical, pharma, food, plastic and many more. Vertical Blenders are an excellent choice for mixing solid to solid, solid to liquid or liquid within liquid. The Kerone’s vertical blenders as designed for applications that are trim profound or where floor area of the plant is at a minimum, our vertical blenders are also come with custom design based on type of material, quantity to be handled and floor & feed plan.

Common vertical blenders contain spiral mixing blade inside, this initiates a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods; generating a helical rising movement on the edges and downward flow in the centre. Vertical blending machines produces by Kerone will guarantee superior mixing results and complete dispensing. The mixing screw revolves in the conical vessel wall when is tunes the other way it lifts the material up.

In vertical blenders the screw is calmer than that of a horizontal blender which does not damage any property of the processing material. The screws movement also moves the material upwards and downwards. The materials are push at the upper most batch level towards the centre of the conical vessel, and then move back to down the centre along the movement of screw.

Advantages of Vertical Blenders:
  • Both mixing and blending in one unit only.
  • Vertical blender can be used for a wide range of batch sizes.
  • Calm blending/ Mixing action is suitable for friable or sensitive materials.
  • It requires half the power than that of other blenders.
  • Less floor-space is wasted for housing the Vertical blenders.
  • Material movement is taken care by mixing screw.
  • The blender/ mixer with vertical blending meets almost all industrial needs.
  • Flush plug valve is used for discharging finished product to avoid material block.
  • Manufactured with great quality and durable materials .

Typical application of Vertical Blender:
  • In manufacturing of fertilizers.
  • Pigment Processing.
  • Processing of various chemicals and colors.
  • For preparation of capsule, tables and granules in Pharmaceuticals industries.
  • Food industry used vertical blender in large extent such as preparation of flour, creamer, crushing meat, Potato ball preparation and many others .
  • Creation of talc powder, foundation powder in FMCG and Toiletries.