Carbon Capture and Utilization, Carbon Capture Technology, Mumbai, India

Carbon Capture and Utilization

Kerone uses innovative carbon capture and utilization technology to create a cleaner world we’ve wanted for generations. We aim at bringing about a greener tomorrow through the development of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) innovations that work toward carbon mitigation.

The aim is to fight the global problem with carbon dioxide, which is why the ground-breaking CCU method has been used. The way we understand and handle climate change is being evolved by our knowledge of this domain. Our efforts in this area are helping in enhancing CCU development and growth for future sustainability.

The carbon-removal journey kicks off at our plant and especially in manufacturing. At Kerone, we focus on two main approaches:
  • Low-carbon emitting reformulations and renewable energy for reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Developing carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology for those CO2 emissions we cannot avoid.
  • CCUS can only serve as a major accelerator in decarbonizing our world. We are pioneering the way in CCUS project globally while having the boldness to set a target of reducing it.

The success of our projects is founded on the combined strengths of strong engineering departments as well as sophisticated collaborations within the supply chain. Indeed, this robust and diversified roadmap makes Kerone a partner of choice for scaling carbon capture technologies.

The importance of carbon capture utilization.

Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) is a transforming process of utilizing CO2 from several industries sources i.e. power stations and factories to generate useful goods. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and offering a lasting solution for too much carbon dioxide in the air is just one of its merits. Thus, CCU can make major contributions in reducing carbon emission levels, creating business opportunities, and laying out the path towards a green economy. Impact on the Environment

Significant progress is being made in the battle against climate change thanks to our CCU solutions. We assist organizations and industries in lowering their carbon footprint and making the shift to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable operation by capturing and utilizing carbon emissions. We promotes global efforts to reach emissions reduction objectives while also helping to create a cleaner world.

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) represents a new way of dealing with CO2 impact upon nature and global warming. CCU refers to the technology of converting CO2 emissions from different sectors including industries, power plants into useful products like fuel, chemicals and even building materials. Using this novel methodology, it assists in lowering greenhouse gases and converts the pollutant carbon into a commodity, hence offering a sustainable approach to the world’s overabundance of atmospheric CO2. As far as CCU is concerned, it certainly offers remarkable prospects for solving the problem of environment, introducing an idea of sustainable development, and creating such kind of circular economy that makes use of wastes as highly valuable things. The carbon capture and utilization is now considered one of the top ways in which the world can mitigate the global warming that emanates from greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.