Dynamics Infrared Drying, High-Intensity IR Systems, Industrial Heating Equipments, Mumbai, India

Dynamics of Drying

High-Intensity IR Systems:

The working mechanism of the HI -IR Drying system is on the coated sheet is different from conventional energy source such as Hot Air Dryers or Steam Cylinders. The intense penetrating capability resulting from high intensity and short wave length removes the negative temperature gradient in the sheet as high percentage of the infrared passes through the sheet. The infrared energy penetrates the sheet along with radiant heat transfer. The energy on hitting the sheet is either absorbed or reflected back on its interaction with each particle of the coating or the sheet. Such uniform heating is highly important from the quality and efficiency point of view in comparison to convective or conductive surface area. The IR drying leads to rapid drying of the coating colour to the immobilization point resulting in A PREDICTABLY UNIFORM COATING SURFACE WITH TYPICALLY EXCELLENT PRINTING CHARACTERISTICS.